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The Better Nail Reviews for 2024 will be really helpful in deciding if you are thinking about purchasing this product.

Better Nail is a complete set of nail treatments that claim to help those troubled with fungus and other infections under their nails, as well as to improve the look of the nails as a whole. As many people know, the fungus can wreak havoc on our lives because it spreads quickly and is difficult to treat without risking further damage to the nail bed.

My name is Maven Berry and I have been quite interested in learning more about this particular product because it has shown great results online quite consistently over several years now. While I fully realize that these types of products may not work for everyone, there does appear to be a decent number of people who have gotten at least some good results from them.

I have done my best to gather these reviews for 2024 into one central location where they can easily be found by those who need this information as soon as they decide that Better Nail is right for their own needs.

Fungus infections under nails may sound like something easy to treat naturally, after all, several plant oils have been touted as being excellent antifungal agents- however, what many people do not realize until too late is that fungus is a fairly resilient form of life and can spread quite fast. This is why you should consider going with a topical solution such as Better Nail, instead of trying to fight the fungus on your own which may result in taking too long before it goes away for good.


Also, keep in mind that fungus infections are not an easy thing to get rid of because they travel through small soil particles which can easily become embedded into the skin around your nails where they then take hold. This means that if you have been doing anything that might drag these particles into contact with your skin, such as gardening or working outdoors in general, there is a very good chance that you will be dealing with an infection before too long unless you take steps to stop it from happening.

How Does Better Nail Work?

Better Nail is a topical solution that works by using a combination of plant-based oils such as rosemary and thyme. This combination has been used for centuries to combat all sorts of fungus problems, including athlete’s foot and ringworm. The special blend of active ingredients in this product works synergistically to penetrate the skin and nail bed where it is needed most.  

Once the infection has been treated thoroughly, it will be important to make sure you keep up daily hygiene practices like scrubbing your nails with soap and water after you have been exposed to soil or other types of dirt that might contain fungal spores from past infections. Better Nail claims that their product can help improve the appearance of your nails as well as get rid of fungus problems- however, keep in mind that it is not known to get rid of toenail fungus completely.

Are There Other Options Available Today?

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There are many natural remedies for fighting off fungus outbreaks including apple cider vinegar, oregano oil, garlic, colloidal silver, and tea tree oil- however, many of these solutions are not as effective as the plant oils found in Better Nail for several reasons.

Oregano Oil– This is known to be one of the most potent antifungals that nature has provided for us, but it can also cause some serious side effects if misused due to its strength. It is usually used only topically, meaning it will take much longer than an oral medication or topical product like Better Nail because it cannot penetrate very deeply into your skin and nail bed.

Apple Cider Vinegar– For those who want to use natural remedies instead of pharmaceuticals, apple cider vinegar may be a viable solution. However, keep in mind that even though it can help fight fungus- it will not be as effective as skin products that contain higher concentrations of active plant oils.

Tea Tree Oil– Like oregano oil, tea tree oil has been heralded for its antifungal properties and can fight off ringworm and athlete’s foot when used topically, but is only effective in small doses and cannot penetrate through your skin deep enough to reach infected areas like Better Nail can. 

How Much Does Better Nail Cost?

Tackling fungus infections may seem like a do-it-yourself task with some home remedies you could make yourself with ingredients from your kitchen such as apple cider vinegar or garlic cloves. However, keep in mind that even though these solutions won’t cost you anything outside of what you spend on the ingredients, these options are typically not as effective as Better Nail.

You can buy a bottle of this solution for around $50 which will usually last several months if used properly. Keep in mind that you should use it frequently at first to eliminate the infection before eventually switching over to another product that only needs to be applied once every couple of weeks so it doesn’t come back.

Benefits of Better Nail

Better Nail is an FDA-registered medical device that contains natural ingredients which means you can use it without worrying about side effects. The product has been known for its ability to stop fungus infections rapidly, which can help improve your overall health as well as the appearance of your nails.

What are the Drawbacks of Better Nail?

Some people find the strong scent that comes from this product to be a little too off-putting. It can also be quite drying to your skin and nail bed, which is why using it at night rather than during the day might help provide better results.

Ingredients In Better Nail  


Undecylenic Acid: The active ingredient in Better Nail is used to treat fungal infections, namely onychomycosis which can cause discoloration and damage your nails.

Tea Tree Oil: This all-natural oil has antibacterial properties which make it a perfect solution for treating bacteria that could exist alongside fungus. It also helps to reduce inflammation and any itching or burning sensations.

Vitamin E Oil: Another natural product with antioxidant properties that helps moisturize your skin as well as take care of damaged areas caused by the infection itself.

Clove Oil: A powerful antiseptic that will help kill off any remaining fungus you may have missed during treatment without compromising the healthy tissues underneath.

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Better Nail – Directions For Use

If you want to get rid of your fungus infection for good or prevent it from returning, simply follow these steps.

Step 1: Wash your hands before applying the solution. You mustn’t apply this product to areas where bacteria is present since it can be too harsh on the more sensitive skin found around your nails due to its strength.

Step 2: Apply 3-4 drops of Better Nail onto each infected nail and massage it thoroughly so you can reach all regions of the nail bed. Repeat daily until your nails look normal again.

Step 3: Once your nails are back to normal, continue using Better Nail once every other day for about 30 days to make sure that fungus never comes back again- this is, of course, unless you have a recurring infection.

Step 4: Continue to use Better Nail as a preventative measure or switch over to a different product for maintenance which will only need to be applied once every week or two so fungus won’t come back this way either.

Does Better Nail Work?

Many people who have tried Better Nail claim that it helped eliminate their fungus problems. However, keep in mind that even though this product can be very useful when it comes to dealing with fungal infections.

Because it may take several weeks for your nails to grow back completely, many people also complain about the length of time they need to wait before using any other treatments on top of Better Nail. If dealing with fungus has caused an inconvenience for you or ruined your social life due to embarrassment over the way your feet look, this might be a great solution for helping get rid of all signs of infection.

People who have used Better Nail generally like this product because it tastes fairly bad and does not require refrigeration, making it more convenient than creams or oral medications. However, keep in mind that even though some people might prefer topical treatments over other types, you will need to remember to use them frequently- especially at first- if you want the infection to go away completely.

How Long Does It Take Better Nail To Work?

If you decide to try out Better Nail, keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks for your fungal infection to clear up completely. This is because the antifungal solution must first kill all of the fungi and then work its way into your nail bed to help strengthen and protect it as it grows back out.

People who have used this product claim that they noticed a difference within several weeks, but those who waited longer than 4 weeks reported still having fungus problems. However, even though the time frame seems long- this treatment option will go deeper than other creams or medications and can work better since it doesn’t just sit on top of your skin as lotions do.    

How Many Times A Day Do You Have To Use Better Nail?

You should use the treatment three times a day for best results but can use it less if you choose. Keep in mind that part of your success at eliminating the infection will also depend on how well you take care of your feet and continue to wear shoes and socks until your nails have grown out completely even though they may look restored after months of use.

FAQ: Better Nail Reviews

Where To Buy Better Nail?

This product is only sold online and cannot be found in stores.

Is Better Nail Safe?

Yes, this treatment is safe to use and has been proven to be both effective and efficient in the treatment of fungal infections that many people suffer from either due to their neglect or because they are predisposed to these types of infections since birth.

Does Better Nail Have Any Side Effects?

This solution is completely natural and thus has no side effects. However, this does not mean that you will not experience mild discomfort during treatment- which may include tingling or burning sensations around the area where it is applied. Symptoms like these are temporary and do not persist once the use of the product has stopped.

How Long Does One Treatment Take?

One application should take about 15 minutes since you only need to apply a thin layer over your nails which can be easily done with their accompanying brush. Keep in mind that this treatment is meant for topical applications so it will not provide you with any type of protection if you continue wearing shoes or socks throughout the day until your nails have grown out enough to be exposed at all times.

How Long Until I See Results?

Since this product is applied topically it does take some time for the solution to penetrate below the surface of your nail bed and skin- thus preventing fungus from damaging these areas even further which can slow down how quickly your nails grow out again. Therefore, keep in mind that it will probably take around 3-4 weeks before you notice a significant improvement and another 2-3 weeks for all of your nails to grow out completely.

Conclusion: Is Better Nail Legit?


Based on what we know about how effective Better Nail is for fighting fungal infections, it appears that this product can be a great solution for dealing with nail fungus. Many of our readers may wonder whether or not they should try buying products online instead of trying expensive procedures like laser therapy or seeing a podiatrist If you have been struggling with fungus infections on your nails for years, you may want to consider trying out Better Nail because it has worked for many people to finally get rid of their problem without investing too much money or time into other solutions that have not worked in the past.    Have you tried out Better Nail? What was your experience? Let me know!

Better Nail Reviews 2024: SCAM OR LEGIT

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